5 different teas to enjoy at Christmas

In this article, we cover the different types of teas you can enjoy during the Christmas period and their benefits.

Christmas is a period where you get to hang out with your friends and family as you take reflect on the year that is just about to end. This is a time when you want to refresh and sooth your senses. Nothing beats unwinding a hectic year than with a cup of tea, a beverage that has been associated with good health and happiness for thousands of years. If you want to sample a festive afternoon tea, then the Royal Lancaster London should be first in your list.

a) White Tea

All types of tea are extracted from the Camellia Sinesis plant. They undergo an oxidation process that changes their appearance, chemical composition and flavour. White tea undergoes the least amount of processing when compared with the other teas. This means it retains most of its natural qualities, and also contains the least amount of caffeine.

b) Green Tea

After tea leaves are harvested, they undergo through a steaming or fry heating procedure. Since the oxidation process of this type of tea is minimal, the leaves retain their green colour. Research has shown that green tea has some health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels.

c) Black Tea

Black tea is the most common flavour. It also undergoes the full fermentation process. This means that it has high levels of caffeine, and is mostly preferred as an alternative to coffee. Some of the health benefits include a reduction in the likelihood of having a heart attack, and it also lowers stress.

d) Oolong Tea

Oolong tea combines the qualities of green and black tea. It does not go through the complete oxidation process such as that of black tea, with its oxidation process just above that of green tea. This partial oxidation is responsible for its colour and taste. Oolong tea is known for its relaxing effect, improved heart health, and may also help prevent diabetes.

e) Pu-erh Tea

This type of tea is made by fermenting and oxidation of dried tea leaves. The leaves are then pressed into cakes. They are then put in storage for up to 10 years. Some of the health benefits of Pu-erh tea is that is reduces risks of coronary diseases and also lowers cholesterol levels.


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